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We are bringing scalar wave technology to the valley

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The Abbitt Wellness Centers 

Abbitt Wellness Centers is one of the leading companies in scaler wave therapy in the Phoenix area. 

Hello and thank you for visiting our website. At Abbitt Wellness Centers. It is our intention to provide a caring, healing atmosphere in our centers that have a positive effect on everyone that comes to enjoy the healthy energy created by this incredible Scalar Wave Technology.  


Light was the first of God’s creations and man is discovering that light and clean energy are essential to cellular health in our body.  In a world that is full of unhealthy/unnatural toxicity, our cells lose their energy and no longer operate at peak frequencies for the regenerative healing that God created the human body to be able to accomplish.  


This degenerative process happens slowly over time: The cellular light grows dim.  The vital energy that needs to be transmitted from cell-to-cell throughout the body gets drained and is weakened.  The result is manifested in pain, disease, and decay of our human vitality—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.   

It is our hope that by allowing you to be in a healthy regenerative atmosphere where your body is exposed to clean Scalar Wave energy and light (Photons) for your cells to detoxify and remove those blockades that keep you from optimal health that your body can begin to heal itself from the inside out.  We intend for you to be immersed in a loving, supportive and healthy environment to give you hope so your mind can receive the beauty of God’s healing power through His created perfection.  Welcome to Abbitt Wellness Centers!

It takes time to heal and reverse the lifetime of damage done to our cells.  Thankfully, it doesn’t take a lifetime to see the effects of the Scalar Waves on your body.  We recommend that you plan on giving your body what it needs to do the repair work internally.  Plan on a 2-4 hour introductory period to begin reversing the effects of a lifetime of toxicity and contamination.  We hope you’ll notice positive changes right away and be energized.  It’s important to help your body discharge the toxins that are being released.  Plan on taking a detox bath if you are able.  Drink lots of good clean water to push those toxins out.  We drink energy enhanced water as much as possible to help the cellular hydration process speed up.  The positive effects from Scalar Energy is cumulative.  Depending on the complexity of your desired outcomes you may want to create a healthy outcomes action plan that includes numerous healthy routines.  Bring your own belief or borrow ours, but it’s important to believe that the amazing creation of the human body included very complex designs of incredible capabilities, including healing and self-repair.  Believe it…experience it! 

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