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I'm a believer!

After hearing about this we made a trip to Sedona to try it out.  The success from those three hours was evidenced by diminished shoulder pain and, even better, I noticed that I had a light hearted feel in my spirit.

Now that the scalar wave is readily available in west Phoenix I jumped right in.  I had been having trouble turning my neck because of the pain.  After my first two hours that was gone and has stayed gone but the most significant help has been my energy level.  Everyone who sees me notices it.  A thing others noticed as well was my essential tremor.  Before my time under the scalar wave treatments my head shook very noticeably.   My husband and family noticed that now they hardly notice any tremor!

- Amy

Novemeber 14th, 2022 

It Is Such A Wonderful Feeling To Have Energy Again!

On trips to other scalar wave centers I felt some improvement in the post surgical repair of my rotator cuff and bicep. The pain has lessened by probably 30%  because of the scalar therapy. The biggest improvement I’ve felt is my energy. Prior to having this in our home I would be up for 20-30 minutes max and then I had to lay down because of pain or fatigue for the same amount of time or more. Now I’m up for several hours at a time before I need to rest. I don’t need as much rest, and I actually feel like doing more! It is such a wonderful feeling to have energy again!

- Ruth

Novemeber 27th, 2022 

Emotional Healing And Temporary Increased Lung Volume!


My first treatment at the Abbitt Wellness Center gave me remarkable relaxation, surprising energy that lasted for days, emotional healing and temporary increased lung volume. Something changed. Emotionally I wasn't prepared before the treatment to do a Christmas card. But after I was able to review thousands of images and select the top 10 for the photo card that shared a message of God's blessings through the year, even though it's been a very challenging year.


Additionally, I was able to literally notice something I had not observed, even though I had been looking at the same view for weeks. I saw a tall limb on a pine tree, rather than just the big growing limbs on the side or the dead area in the center. This new limb had been there for a while, I just had not noticed it. I've been on a long journey healing from PTSD and grief from caregiving and the sudden death of my dearly loved mother. After the treatment on Saturday, Sunday in Grief Share I heard "God has not taken you. He's left you here for a purpose." Monday seeing the branch I realized I was ALIVE and that growth had been taking place all the time, it just wasn't visible. 


The second treatment in the serene, spa-like comfort, with background music got my parasympathetic system to kick in again. Equipping me with energy to deal emotionally and physically of numerous medical issues for my precious father and husband without severely impacting my breathing function. In fact, by the end of the very long day I forgot to take one medication and it didn't seem to bother me.


I look forward to my next session and see how God will use that to complete the work He began in me.


- Isabel 

November 30th, 2022

No More Pain and Improved Sight!

I spent 15 hours in ABBITT WELLNESS CENTER, in Glendale, AZ. I am 83 years(old). I’ve had blood clots in my leg three times. My physician told me my leg pain would never go away. Now, my leg is pain free. I also had scar tissue from an eight year old burn. Now the pain and itching is gone! No more pain from arthritis in my hands. Have had laser treatment to both eyes for glaucoma.  I can (now) drive a car at night without the light bothering my sight. Nerve damage in left side of my face from a 20 years old car accident, (now) numbness not as intense”.


- Norma M.

March, 2023

Improved Insomnia, Anxiety and A Total Detox.

We were first introduced to Scaler wave therapy last summer when Jerry and Ruth first started their health ministry.  However, I found myself going through a difficult time in my life in the Fall of 2023, and my wife reminded me of their healing room. I was having very bad insomnia, anxiety, and was in need of a detox. Not only were Jerry and Ruth understanding and sympathetic, but they walked me through that time in my life. They prayed for and over me, and extended a level of compassion to me that I could never repay. Only the Lord can create that kind of connection. The scaler wave therapy calmed my nerves and allowed me to relax. I was struggling with such severe symptoms, and when I first started the scaler wave therapy, it was the only time my body could relax. After a few visits, though, the relaxation was starting to extend past the time that I was exposed to the waves. My body was healing and detoxing, the scaler waves were a huge part of that  process.  It was one of the most difficult times I’ve ever been through in my life, and I don’t know how I would’ve done it without the Abbits, and their scaler wave healing room. My wife and I are so grateful for Ruth and Jerry, and the ministry that they have started. It truly changed my life, and subsequently my family’s life, for the better. God is so good! 

- Phil U.

October, 2023

Peaceful, Gentle, Happy State.

Thank you, Ruth, for creating your Abbitt Wellness Center with the Energy Enhancement Systems – Scalar Technologies.  The 2 hours of bliss sitting in the area where the technology is emitting these tremendous healing frequencies has been wonderful to bring my own energies to higher states.  I have come there 2 times when I felt exhausted and some frustrations.  2 hours being showered by these power high frequencies, both times left in a peaceful, gentle, happy state.  Completely shifted my life condition in a brief period of time.

- Darylle V..

September, 2023

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