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Our main goal at Abbitt Wellness Centers is to provide affordable access to this technology. Please see below a simple breakdown of the pricing for our centers. 

(2hr Min)

(1 Person)

(2 People)

$45 an hour



With the price point being closer to $60 an hour in Phoenix previously, we wanted to offer a more affordable option to experience the benefits of scalar waves.

Our mission as a family and company is to make the scalar wave therapy more accessible to everyone. This membership offers a value that is unrivaled. Unlimited visits and hours monthly for what would have been the cost of 9 hours a month.

As previously stated, we want to make this as cost effective and convenient as we can for you and your family to stay healthy. This plan was created so you and your significant other, best friend, or any guest can join you in having unlimited time in the scalar wave rooms.

If these options are still out of your price range, we have created a more affordable option that still has 15 hours a month. Click the button below to review all our memberships!

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